Thursday, 9 February 2012

Starting your own IB Art Blog:

· Go to the main Art blog:

· Follow the link to

This is the hub for all of the art blogs for your class

· Click on CREA BLOG

Follow the instructions to set up your own blog. You may also need to set up a google account to do this.

Don’t use your real/full name in the blog

So something like ‘’ is better than ‘paoloferraraartblog’!

You can have more creative names, but avoid anything too silly (no ‘’ please)

· Email the address of your blog to Mr Morgan:

Who will include it in the list of links (you will be identified by the first 2 letters of your name)

Then start experimenting with adding links, videos, images and notes about your own evolving work, including artists and other things that have influenced you.

Several students in the past have used their blogs when applying for Art college places as they show your process as well as your outcomes!

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